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The CCSU Compassion Committee strives to weave compassion into the fabric of university life, become a center for research and scholarly work on compassion, and help nearby schools and communities to cultivate compassion.

An increased focus on others’ well-being will help build a strong sense of community in which all students, faculty, and staff feel welcome and respected. A commitment to compassion also recognizes the need to connect faculty, staff, students with the surrounding New Britain and Greater Hartford communities through outreach and service learning.

CCSU’s compassion campaign requires support from the entire community including students, faculty and administrative staff. Visit our partner page and become a CCSU Compassion Partner TODAY!


  • McAllister, Stephanie - Officer, Public Safety


  • Ayeni, Oluwatoyin - Associate Director, International Student & Scholar Services
  • Boscarino, Nancy - Associate Registrar for CAPP
  • Coddington, Lila - Asst Dir/Coord,CASD Grant Prog
  • Conway, Jim - Professor
  • Donohue, Peg - Assistant Professor
  • Fitzgerald, Glynis - Assoc VP/AA & Dean, Grad Stud
  • Foust, Mathew - Assistant Professor
  • Gilmore, Susan - Associate Professor
  • Hernandez, Jessica - Coordinator of Community Engagement
  • Lee, Chris - Associate Professor
  • Malley, James - Professor Emeritus
  • Mulrooney, Jim - Associate Professor
  • Oz, Ibrahim - Assistant Professor
  • Petkova, Olga - Professor
  • Petterson, Paul, Co-Chair - Associate Professor
  • Rice, Tina - Assistant Professor
  • Rosenberg, Judith - Professor


  • Fangiullo, Betsy - Bursar


  • Dodd, Sarah - Victim Advocacy and Violence Prevention Specialist


  • Campbell, John - Catholic Chaplain
  • Garcia-Bowen, Myrna - CCW Co-Chair/Director, Transfer & Academic Articulations
  • Dukes, Christopher - Director
  • Gardner, Erica - Hall Director
  • Greenebaum, Jessica - CCW member/Professor
  • Gutierrez, Chris - Coordinator of Veterans Affairs
  • Pohl, Jonathan - Coordinator
  • Santilli, Maria
  • Sweeney, Sue - Associate Director
  • Tordenti, Laura - Vice President for Student Affairs


  • Archambault, Gordon (Trey)
  • Brewer, Zachary
  • Fox, Caroline or designee, Co-ChairStudent Government Association, President
  • Gorman, Amanda
  • Moody, Joni - Student Government Association, Senator
  • Sherman, Sarah